How democracy works

Democracy is a system of governance whereby man decides what is right or wrong, permissible or impermissible within society. The decision on what will be classed as lawful or unlawful is based solely on the whims of man and the constantly changing moral standards that he has set for himself.

The problem with this system is that the laws are ever-changing and always tailored to fit the desires of man. Over time, this has led to a moral decay of society and of individuals’ behaviour. Crime and immorality has become widespread and injustice has become the norm.

Negative effects

The negative effects of man-made laws can be seen in society today. With the legalisation of pornography, women have been reduced to sexual objects and even children below the age of 10 are sexually abusing their peers.

Alcohol has been made lawful and so people are free to consume as much as they please even though it is known to be a leading factor in domestic violence cases and mental diseases such as depression.

Banks have been given the go-ahead to charge interest as they please. Their greed has caused a collapse of economy in many countries around the world.

These are just a few examples of the problems we face in society as a result of man assuming the role of legislator.

Islam as an alternative

Many people misunderstand Islam. Islam is much more than a religion of spirituality. It’s a comprehensive system of governance that covers all aspects of life including the economic system, judicial system, social system and a foreign policy.

The basic premise of this system is that God is the legislator and only he decides what is lawful and unlawful for mankind. “…He shares not in his legislation with anyone.” – Quran 18:26. His laws are ever-lasting and relevant to all times. He is The Judge and will call mankind to account for all that they have done of good and evil. Who then, is better to set the standards for lawful and unlawful?

God says in the Quran, “This day I have perfected for you your way of life and completed My favour on you and have approved for you Islam as a religion” – Quran 5:3. Here, God is telling us that this way of life is complete and not in need of change. We do not need to decide what is morally right or wrong as God has determined that for us already through the Quran and the example of His Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Don’t vote

After considering the above, we urge you to accept Islam as a way of life for yourself and to invite your friends and family to accept it too. We urge you to fulfil your purpose in life which is to worship God alone without associating partners with Him. We call you to Monotheism, which is to direct your worship to God exclusively and not to call upon anyone else.

Singling out God for worship is done by following His laws and by rejecting those that associate with him, whether they associate by bowing to an idol, claiming a prophet to be God or by legislating laws without authority.

We ask that you reject Democracy by refraining from voting in the coming elections and instead, work towards implementing a society that is based on just laws: The Laws of God.


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